AI for Everyday Life

Enabling faster, smaller and more energy-efficient DNNs to run on edge devices and in the cloud

Deeplite’s unique Neutrino™ software is an optimizer and accelerator for deep neural networks. With an automated approach, Deeplite creates highly compact, high-performance computer vision and perception models that can run at the “edge” in vehicles, cameras, sensors, drones, phones and many other devices that are used every day.

Our software is installed on-premise and/or within your public or private cloud. The implementation is as easy as:

  • Input the pretrained model, associated dataset and specific performance KPIs, e.g. desired model accuracy and size.
  • Press start and watch Neutrino output a highly optimized model with acceptable accuracy.
  • Deploy your optimized model to your target hardware in one step using Neutrino.

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Deeplite DNN model optimization